Antiserum is rich in:

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Antiserum is rich in Antibodies.

The serum is the straw-colored fluid part of the blood without any blood cells and clotting factors. On the other hand, the antiserum is the serum that is rich in antibodies for a specific antigen and is obtained from that antigen immunized organism. Or in other words, the antiserum is rich in immunoglobulin for a specific antigen.

The antiserum may be monovalent if it contains antibodies for one specific antigen. Or the antiserum may be polyvalent if it contains antibodies for more than one antigen.

The antiserum can be used as a vaccine to provide passive immunity for a specific disease. Generally, antiserum is developed in animal models such as mouse, sheep, horses, rabbits, or humans. The antiserum containing antibodies for a specific pathogen is injected into another person to confer immunity for the specific disease.