The term ‘ecosystem’ was coined by :

Ecosystem, the complex interrelationships among living organisms with their physical environment. Ecosystems comprise of living or biotic factors, such as plants, animals, and other organisms as well as nonliving or abiotic factors weather, landscape, temperature, and humidity. The […]


Which one reproduces vegetatively?

The garlic plant (Allium sativum) reproduces by asexual reproduction through vegetative propagation. Other plants such as rice (Oryza sativa), pea (Pisum sativum), and corn (Zea mays) reproduce by sexual reproduction through seeds. Garlic is a bulbous flowering […]


The following are the principal bones involved in the erection of fang in a poisonous snake. Find out their correct sequences:

Fangs are long, curved, sharp, and pointed specialized teeth attached to maxillary bones in snakes. Fangs are served as hypodermic needles to inject poison secreted from the poison gland into the body of other animals. […]


Aquatic reptiles are:

The metabolic wastes or excrements in aquatic reptiles are urea similar to humans. Therefore, aquatic reptiles are ureotelic in nature. Examples of aquatic or semi-aquatic reptiles are alligators, turtles,s and tortoises. On the other hand, land reptiles […]


Obligate parasites live:

Obligate parasites are organisms that are unable to complete their life cycle without a suitable living host. Without a living host, the obligate parasite will fail to reproduce. Obligate parasitism is seen in a wide range of organisms, such as bacteria, […]


Example of corm is

The corm is a swollen underground plant stem. The underground stem serves as a storage organ for carbohydrates. The plants that grow from corms are called cormous. An underground stem consists of one or more internodes. The corm possesses […]


Chaperones aid in

Chaperones are a group of proteins that help in protein folding inside of the cell during normal physiological and stress conditions. The main function of chaperone protein is to prevent the aggregation of both newly […]